Friday, 7 December 2007

The Short Review

Issue 2 of The Short Review is now up. Thanks to Tania Hershman, the world of good short fiction has a new champion!

I am reviewing two collections for the next issue.


from this issue:

The Collected Short Stories by Katherine Mansfield...stories that purposefully belie the perception of a whole class and generation of writers (and women) as closeted, white-gloved, garden party-goers.

Come Together, Fall Apart by Cristina Henriquez.. paints a lush portrait of everyday people craving connection in these beautiful stories set in modern Panama.

Fifteen Modern Tales of Attraction by Alison MacLeod... a fearless writer, pushing at the shape of short stories.

The Loudest Sound and Nothing by Clare Wigfall ....A dark, disturbing and quite beautiful collection

Magic for Beginners by Kelly Link... weaves realistic character portrayals with noir fairy tales and new monster stories to create wondrous-yet-familiar worlds.

Self Help by Lorrie Moore... sharply clever collection ... satirizing the self-help genre, through an edgy, sometimes painful humour.

The Sky is a Well and Other Shorts by Claudia Smith... One flash from this collection packs the narrative/descriptive density of a novel.

Sleepers Almanac: The Family Affair anthology by Various .. stories by ..Australia’s hottest new writers.

Tales of Galicia by Andzrej Stasiuk... a kaleidoscope view of post-Communist Poland haunted by the past.

You Are Here anthology by Various... ridiculous, heartbreaking, provocative and bleak tales

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