Thursday, 6 August 2009


Singing bag lady.Totally irrelevant, unless this is me, after paying the solicitor?

Lots of generous suportive posts on my post below re plagiarism to counteract the aaaagh of the last weeks. I must share one in particular. Cos it was hilarious. Thank you BIRD I dont know who you are but we share a black sense of humour!

(In her post, Sally Z asked about a fighing fund...)

ME: Thank you to everyone for your messages. I have discovered that solicitors are expensive beasts, but I must pay whatever it takes to regain some peace of mind. No fighting funds, Sally... although it would be great to have a Greenham Common type demo outside his house, a line of writers in sleeping bags, chanting all night. Now there's a thought.

BIRD: You'd have to be careful what you chant. He'd probably have a chapbook of it up for sale within the hour.


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