Sunday, 6 September 2009


Please give a thought to supporting the presses, both short story and poetry.

It was great to receive my contributor’s copy of Etchings, the Australian literary journal, a few weeks back. And what a brilliant journal it is. Beautifully produced and full of fascinating writing and illustrations from some exciting writers. HERE
I was amazed to find that the journal contains a section of J M Coetzee’s new novel, Summertime. One of my favourite writers, I had no idea he now lived in Australia, and am somewhat dumbfounded and delighted to be in the same publication.
So, even though I am sadly lacking in the funds department, I opted to be paid for my eight micro-fictions with a year’s subscription instead of taking their money.

And through the post comes another gem. The Rialto, the poetry magazine, to which I also subscribe. And was pleased to find a poem therein by local poet and colleague Clare Best, who I featured on this blog, here.

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Eve* aka JB said...

hey there Vanessa,
thanks for that... and check this out as well.

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