Monday 20 October 2008

Crazy World, Innit...

Thanks to Sara Crowley for this wonderful story on her blog. The one about a hard working writer who responds to a call for submissions and sends a decent piece of writing... and it is rejected in the time it take s to cut a toenail.

So decent writer tells a writing mate in passing conversation, and mate goes to a word generator... and chops up random text from said generator, with a few expletives. And submits it to same ezine.

and yes!!! It is edgy, great prose and is accepted. In the time it takes to cut the other toenail.


Sara Crowley's blog, Asalted, is HERE


Douglas Bruton said...

I think the point is that it wasn't great prose... it was just gobbldygook... that's the point... and the editor still thought it was wonderful... a real emperor's new clothes thing here.

But, I think for it to stay as a private joke where we writers snigger up our sleeves, is to miss an opportunity to publicly poke our index fingers at this guy and laugh... and we should be laughing at this editor.



Vanessa Gebbie said...

Absolutely... thats why I copied the story here... it is daftity 100% proof.