Sunday 7 March 2010


Cue racing commentator -
"And coming up to the final furlong it is neck and neck between six champions - sadly we saw some excellent steeds drop out back there, but I've just checked and all seems well. Last seen making for the Queen's Enclosure bar, where I am sure they will be well looked after.
Now, all eyes are on these six. And we have to ask, what happened to the girls? And its Gappah holding the fort for the girls still, but outnumbered by the blokes - even one aged 77, which is quite unusual here at Goodwood.
I can see an enquiry coming up later in the month, but meanwhile, lets sit back and cheer these plucky steeds as they battle for position down the final straights...still a few nasty jumps to go, including the renowned A S Byatt Beecher's Brook, which has recently been widened...".

Congratulations to Short Circuit contributor Adam Marek, whose chapter entitled "What My Gland Wants: Originality in the Short Story" might just hold a clue to the success of these six. is that book on the ball, or wot?
Congratuations to Petina Gappah, (Whose story 'Midnight at Hotel Calfornia', from the collection Elegy for Easterly is listed as one of my faves in Short Circuit - 'tis deffo on the ball, that book!
Congratulations to C K Stead - who at 77 waves a flag for anti-ageists - good writing is good writing - doesn't matter who writes it.
Congratulations to David Vann
Congratulations to Joe Dunthorne
Congratulations to Will Cohu

Sunday Times Online article HERE

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