Thursday, 22 November 2007

Second Update of the day

piccie: Virgin in a Glass Bubble from Ireland...but NOT my book cover...

Oh Oh. I need to sit down. I had a photograph I wanted to use, if we possibly could, for the cover of Glass Bubble.

I saw it, and thanks to some very helpful people at Glyndebourne, (it was used to illustrate Bach's St Matthew Passion) tracked it down to an agency.

It was taken in Prague, in 1968.

And is the most haunting, perfect image, and at the same time pulls together so many of the undercurrents in my work.

Just had confirmation that Salt have the image from the photographc agency and are working on it.

We got it!!!

And you can't see it!


But I will show you one I took meself, as it is nothing like my book cover.


bevjackson said...

Such excitement! I envy you.

Thanks for the award, you devil.

Vanessa G said...

Ha! isnt it fun, Bev? Glad you like your lion.


Sara said...

How flippin' exciting. Gosh, I imagine you feel very oooh, it's real! Fabulous.

Vanessa G said...

Hi Sara...

Another lion recipient!

I nearly feel it's real... but I'm still going through the 'will peeps want to read this stuff' syndrome, at the same time...

lack of confidence is all.