Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Shameless Lion invasion alert!

I have been awarded a lion (like the stamp on an egg) by Charles Lambert... and I have to pass the award on to five others.

Details HERE


Strong and honest writing...


Tania Hershman

Steve Finbow

Sara Crowley

Bev Jackson

and I will think of another one fast!


Shameless said...

Wow, this is strange. I come over here from Fiction Bitch to congratulate you on the Bridport win and I find you've been given the lion award that I started! :-) Sorry to say this, Vanessa, but the Bridport is a biggie and I hate to think that the lion is pushing his way in! But seriously, well done on the short story prize, and I look forward to reading it. I will order the antho pronto, as they say. Your blog looks great, btw, and I will be back for more, with another pride of roaring pink lions ... maybe. :-) And isn't the mainstream press a miserable lot, eh? I was wanting to see lots of Bridport news and struggled to get the info! :-)

Vanessa G said...

Hi Shameless

Thanks for popping in.

That lion is one of my most prized posessions... it's a brilliant idea. I have this theory, that writing should be fun. (When it isn't, but I'm nothing if not self delusional!)

Let's see shameless lions everywhere, because you are right... I tried to get the local press inteerested in running a paragraph on Page 46, next to the collated parish news from the local villages. (Not to get in the way of important stuff like changes of uniform for traffic wordens, change-of-use notices (back street garage to off-licence), and the litany of whose car had been broken into this week. And whose garden shed.

But sadly, The Bridport just hasn't got that 'something' that sells papers, even in an inch column on page 46.

Long Live the Lion, therefore.


Thanks you for the congrats!