Wednesday, 28 May 2008


The Workhouse (well, thirteen or so of them) are going to have a flash or two between Saturday evening and Monday evening.

if anyone'd like to do a bit of writing 'with' the team, I'll stick some of the prompts up here on Saturday morning. But beforehand, everyone's writing down a list of first names (M and F) that resonate with them. And a separate list of objects that for whatever reason hold some significance.

There will be a bit of a difference with this one. Usually, we work to packs of six or so prompts, opening up the pack and working with ones that 'say something', then writing for five, ten fifteen minutes, until the flow stops.

We don't try to force complete work. We experiment with voices, characters, scanarios. We write whatever comes... not putting on the pressure.

Again, this time, I'm doing something different...

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