Monday, 30 June 2008

Cadenza Shortlist


Finalamente... the team of several thousand editors have reached a decision on the shortlist. Actually, Zoe and I agreed again... amazing synergy here.

One story I'd wobbled on, Zoe didn't think ought to be in, so out it goes. And she's putting the list up herself on the blog. When she has, I'll copy it here.


Here you go chaps: Many congratulations for getting this far to the writers of the following eleven stories. And now the really hard part. Aaagh.

This is Zoe's post:

Whittling down the longlist into a shortlist has taken longer than I expected - there's some decidedly strong contenders this time, but there's no question, stories really reveal themselves after second/third/fourth reads. But, we're there now (thanks V!), and the following stories have been shortlisted.

(In no particular order...)

The Keeper

Over the Bridge

The Sisters Grimm

Bear Country

Waiting in the Scriptorium


Piggy on the Railway

We are here now

Big Head

End of the World

Rapture in Apple Custard

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