Tuesday, 29 July 2008


I mention the review GUD so kindly did , in the post below.

Debbie says this:

None of the stories is too long, although it's easy to feel some are too short. The characters live on in our minds and we can't help wondering what will happen next. If they'll come out all right.

This collection is definitely one to savour. Read a story, put it down, think about it, come back--the whole can't be devoured in an afternoon.

And setting aside the generous comments (which are lovely... thank you Debbie!) -what impresses me most is the assertion that you have to read slowly and think about things. Thats how short fiction needs to be treated. Its so hard to get this message across.

My son suggested a sticker on all short story collections - read slooowly - but I don't think so, somehow! nanny state etc etc.

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