Sunday, 26 October 2008


(pic: Moffen Island, and walruses dozing next to an orange marker.)

From the Antarctic to the Arctic, and I read in the paper over breakfast how the Arctic ice cap is melting even in winter...

It reminded me of my visit to Spitzbergen in 2000. In August it was, and one of the highlights was sailing to Moffen Island, north of Spitzbergen, (crossing the 80th parallel), to see the walrusses and also to see the pack ice that ought to be visible easily, before it gathers momentum and spreads to freeze the seas there in winter.

No ice was visible, even from the bridge of the ship, with binoculars.

"First time we've not seen the ice," said the captain.

At the time it just rang as a bit strange. Now, it is poignant.


Jo Horsman said...

Though other newspapers are telling us that the ice is growing again in some areas.

Best to go to the source of information, rather than the general media.

lifemodel said...

Try reading Six Degrees by Mark Lynas for a very readable explanation of what's going on, why people do nothing, and what's actually needed to save ourselves, let alone the rest of life on this planet...