Wednesday, 8 October 2008

ONE WORLD ANTHOLOGY - Closing stages

I am having a great time co ordinating the last stage of the One World Anthology... liaising with the publisher, receiving the 'finished' stories from them, sending each story in its 'finished' form out to the writers... for proofing and last edits and tweaks.

Its a bit like herding cats!

I can't wait to reveal who the publisher is... but after the usual silly lot on Zoetrope main board did their best to cause trouble when we initially announced the success of the project (why do people not just rejoice at hard work paying off??) we have all agreed not to do so until contracts are well and truly signed.

(another reason to be very wary of Zoetrope, chaps... when serious chips are down, it is not as benign as they would have you believe.)

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