Tuesday, 7 April 2009

My Little Competition winner!

The winner of My Little Competition is Mariel Newley of Stoke Newington, London, UK.

Her story will appear in the next post, illustrated by the prompt photo. I liked this piece for its verve, the assuredness of the voice, and the rawness running through it. I was astounded to find that this writer is unpublished until today.

Congratulations, Mariel. A copy of my book will wing its way to you after easter… complete with a handwritten extra flash. In years to come, it will naturally be worth squillions!

Mariel says:

There didn’t seem to be anywhere to send the
sort of things I like to write until I discovered all the online
literary zines. I’ve been reading and enjoying those for a few years.
There are so many of them, it’s amazing!

It was my New Year’s Resolution to start submitting things to the sort
of zines that I like. I started well, in January, and sent out about
five or six pieces. Then I lapsed, and went back to writing but not
finishing again.

So far I’ve picked up a rejection from Elimae, a rejection from
Aesthetica, and a very positive, encouraging sort of rejection from
The Pygmy Giant. I’m still waiting on the others.

I’ve been trying to remotivate myself to get on with submitting, which
is why I entered your contest – I used it force myself to get
something FINISHED. And last week I sent a longer story to The Café

That’s it. That’s my entire writing history. I like writing flash, and
I find flash very interesting. Also, I’m thinking that writing mainly
flash is a way of fitting in some writing and submitting around
working full time.

I wish you every success!!

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Ossian said...

Congratulations to the winner. I just read the story and it flew by, which has to be good. www.Pulp.net pays for items published and www.writethis.com is reopening with paid-for work shortly.