Friday, 24 April 2009

Nice Things Done This Week

First, I spent a day with twenty students aged 14 to 18 from three different schools in Ipswich, taking a creative writing workshop day. A wonderful day, challenging, buzzy, and exhausting! By the end, I felt like Einstein looks in the photo!



Then I discovered a book of little known short stories by the greats of the nineteenth century. So far, I have read a story by Charles Dickens and one by Anthony Trollope. Shackleton
Then, I visited The National Portrait gallery, sepcifically to see the Constable Portraits exhibition. It is very good, very interesting. A real glimpse into the life of the times. And some are so lovely- the people could walk out of the canvasses. I did not know he was also a portrait painter. But then, having an hour or so to kill, I went to look at the early 20th century displays. Wow. All those massive canvasses from WWI, portraits of Kitchener, French, Haig, Smuts. And portraits of the Bloomsbury crew, and politicians, and explorers. having trodden in the footsteps of Shackleton earlier this year, that was lovely.

Lastly, I went to Chicago, the musical. ... interesting, but tired, tired tired. Despite some valiant efforts on the part of the lead women, the thing is wooden, and the routines are too slow!


Anne Brooke said...

There are Constable portraits?? Ooh I must get up there and see them. I should be ashamed I don't know that since I grew up in Dedham, and he's our local man! In fact one of his pictures even has our farmhouse in it ... OK, in the distance, in a view over the Dedham Vale, but it's there!



The Bookaholic said...

People do nice things and most nice things are not necessarily great things, they only affect people positively...

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Anne, you would love this exhibition. It is intimate, well set out, and you feel when you get to the end, that you know the man. How lovely that your house is immortalised in one of his landscapes!

Vanessa Gebbie said...

hello Bookaholic... you are quite right. I felt good. The things in themselves were little in the great sceme of things (cliche alert, sorry!)... but I felt gooood.!