Friday 29 February 2008


I'd like the writers (or presumably writers) who hid behind anon labels here recently, to have a think about censorship and what it is that gives them the right to censor my thoughts, my questions?

If they feel it right to prevent a single person asking an uncomfortable question, to prevent that person rocking the boat, what on earth would they do on a mass scale?

It is frightening. Think about it. Orwell did.


The point I was making, (somewhat lost now) was that the churches seem hypocritical. That masses for the dead, requiem masses, funeral services, call them what you will, in whatever religion you choose... are NOT for the souls of the dead, but FOR THE LIVING, to comfort them.

Sure, they comfort the living in their grief and loss. But also, comfort is offered BECAUSE THERE MAY BE NOTHING ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DIVIDE.

Is that clearer?


(edit: and no, Mimi or other anons, I am not entering into a timewasting 'debate'.)

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