Wednesday 27 May 2009


Here's the info on the West Cork Literary Festival, where I have just been asked to run the week-long Short Story for Beginners workshops.

The website now has me up there, but apparently following the previous writer's teaching plan. Which I will not be! We all teach differently.

If any participants are reading this, I don't mind what you bring along. Bring anything you like! Bring stories you have tried and you quite like but aren't sure about. Bring ideas! Bring the characters who knock on your eyes when you are sleeping, and the ones who natter to you whilst you are driving.

Bring that old photo you found, which won't quite let you forget it. Bring your favourite short story.

Or just bring yourself. The bit of you that wants to write. But doesn't quite know why or how.

West Cork Literary Festival HERE. 5 July to 11th July, Bantry, West Cork, Ireland.

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Sarah Hilary said...

Fantastic idea, V. I really wish I could come along, photo and story in hand.