Monday, 3 November 2008

Poetry Workshop

Well, it is now four emails in the last week to Glamorgan to see if I can concentrate on poetry for the MPhil. No reply.

To those lovely people who have left messages here, and who have emailed me about the Uni situation, thank you... and yes I am still writing the novel. Alone.

And I am pursuing poetry as well. Maybe alone too. We shall see. But meanwhile, I am looking forward to attending this workshop tonight:

The Incommensurable: War and Writing with Judith Kazantzis.

6 - 9 pm. Monday 3rd November.
Fabrica Gallery, 40 Duke Street.
Price £20 or £15 Concessionary Rate and Friends of THE SOUTH
Working with The Incommensurable Banner, the extraordinary photographic exhibition being held this autumn at Fabrica Gallery as part of the 2008 Brighton Photo Biennial, this creative writing workshop will engage with some troubling visual material and raise some challenging concepts. The workshop will be led by Judith Kazantzis, whose sensual and surreal work as poet and fiction writer, as well as artist, has been threaded for thirty years with an anti-war ethic. The workshop will start by looking at a number of media, photography, film, song, fiction, poetry: all of which have been channels of anti-war protest. Judith will explore different methods of protest writing, showing how word and seen image can charge each other, and historically how they have met in a response to war, both past and present. She will use the visual material as a springboard, leading to a conversation about responses, both concept and emotional reactions; following, there will be plenty of space to use these rich resources to create your own war writing.

For a little insight into the tutor, here is a remarkable post on her blog.

here’s her bio.

and finally… I read this on her website…

Of her poem cycle A Poem for Guatemala (1988) Harold Pinter said that it was "A rare event: A major political poem...beautiful wrought, concrete, and passionate."


Douglas Bruton said...

So so glad to hear that you are still pursuing the novel... Of course, I never doubted that you would.

We are all behind you - so don't think of yourself as alone.



Vanessa Gebbie said...

Ta D

Impossible situation really. A wee bit of Kafka at work...