Saturday, 1 November 2008

Who Wants to be a Millionaire?

Chris Tarrant mucking about in the bar after filming.

Vast poster on the side of the studio wall.


Ruth in her dressing room. All contestants have their own.




Ruth preparing for the recording session.

At last, some pics.

The contestant friend was Ruth Harris, writer, library manager at Sussex University, erstwhile member of Fiction Workhouse, and graduate of Glamorgan writing Masters.

Sadly, Ruth was pipped very narrowly to the post in the fastest Finger rounds... but she is a stalwart, and seemed to thoroughly enjoy the experience anyway!

Filming was fascinating. Chris Tarramt was charming and funny. The warm up comedian was funny but very sexist. The studio is tiny. People wearing glasses have to be placed on the far end of rows in the audience, with less chance of appearing on the telly. Poo.

We has a little scandal during filming. Two people were drinking in the audience, and getting rather close to carnal relations when the lights dimmed. Ahem. They were forcibly ejected together with a bottle of Bombay Sapphire Gin and two bottles of vodka. Cor.

And a starter question which caused great consternation and the loss of a 'lifeline' was ditched, when it was realised that it was ambiguous.

The question was:

Which of the following creatures does not have spines?

A. Hedgehog.
B. Tasmanian devil
C. Stickleback
D. Porcupine

Spine = backbone
Spine = spike


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