Monday, 10 November 2008

Workhouse news

Since October 16th, the following hits are announced. Thanks to the organiser who send me news of my brood. I still think of them as my brood! Daft.

J W, winner of the Yeovil Prize, approached by BBC Somerset, asking ASKING! for permission to broadcast his winning story…and request to see more work. Story being broadcast in November.

M: story accepted for December issue of Litro, Literature for London Underground. (Print), a story solicited for Red Peter online lit site, AND a story accepted for inclusion in an amazingly titled anthology Radgepacket II

B: Acceptance at Hobart

R: acceptances at Foliate Oak and at Right Hand Pointing

S: acceptance at Every day Fiction

S1 and J contributions selected for inclusion in the first Every Day Fiction anthology.

And of course, not to be forgot, D and his Bridport short story shortlisting.

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