Saturday, 7 March 2009

Five Sisters

For those who are following the saga of my new-found family - I met another of my sisters last night over dinner in London.

Sally lives in Boston USA, and was over for a week. No I didn't take a camera - I am beginning to feel like a zoo exhibit.. suffice it to say we looked very simlar, only she is far slimmer and prettier. She was wearing an amazing jumper from Chanel (a mix of breton sweater and gorgeous decorative chains. Smashing!)

In honour of the jumper, and the fact that we ate at a restaurant called Chez Gerard, we ate snails. Yum. I love them - little snerberts of wellington boot softened in garlic and parsley and butter.


Douglas Bruton said...

Never had snails... but snippets of wellington boot aren't likely to send me down escargot way!!

Best to you and yours and yours and yours and yours.


doris said...

Three down, one more to go!

Swerdnic said...


So happy for you. Lx