Sunday, 29 March 2009

Getting madder by the minute...

Wonderful weekend, based at Albrighton Hall Hotel north of Shrewsbury, participating in a charity classic car rally. Whizzing about in a 1947 Allard, acting as navigator for my friend Sheila the intrepid driver.
Our 'very nice man' sorting out the throttle before starting the rally yesterday. It was sticking. Sheila had to pull it back up from the floor with her foot all the way to Shropshire from Sussex. Not to be reccommended, in a car that reckons it is racing car...
The Allard (her name is Eleanor, as she is an 'L' Type...) outside Stokesay Court, one of the stops.
Half of the lineup, in the meadow at Loton Park this morning, where we had coffee. We did the Loton Park Hill Climb afterwards.

The rally raised over £21K for breast cancer and prostate cancer research.

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