Saturday, 21 March 2009

Maggie Gee's Book Launch

Maggie (seated) and left to right Marian Garvey, Sarah Butler, Adam Marek

Highlight of the week, a party at Al Saqi bookshop in Westbourne Grove to celebrate the launch of Maggie Gee's new novel, My Driver.
Lovely to spend the afternoon with Marian Garvey (winner, the last Asham Award for new Woman Writers, and now working on a bigger project with funding from the Arts Council, mentored by Maggie. Lucky lady.)
Lovely to see Sarah Butler at the party. I reckon this lady will hit the big time some day. You just know when you read someone special...
Lovely too to meet Adam Marek again. And to skive off to a nearby noodle bar together after the party started winding down, to natter writerly things and plan stuff.

Quick plugs:
Marian's winning story leads the field in this great Asham anthology:
and Adam's collection, An Instruction Manual for Swallowing, has to rank among the best single-author collections I've read. Original, quirky, beautifully written.

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