Saturday, 18 July 2009

BBC Radio Interviews

As promised a few posts back, you can listen to a lengthy interview about how I traced and found my family... including four full sisters I never knew I had... HERE on the BBC's iPlayer. It's the top link... five programmes with Alison Fearns, starting Monday last.
The interview was serialised over this last week. I gather it only lasts for a week, so Mondays recording will disappear on Monday afternoon... etc etc

Anyone who wants to listen, use the slider to scroll along to about two thirds of the way through the afternoon's programme. 2.00 to 2.10 ish on the timer...if varies each day.

A nice story. And it is mine... I will be writing about this at some point, so if you are drawn to use any of it, please let me know and we can at least discuss.


pierre l said...

Hello Vanessa. Thank you very much for posting the links. I have just been listening to all five episodes. It is a wonderful story indeed.

SueG said...

Fantastic! I can't wait to carve out the quiet time to listen...hopefully, today!

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Thanks both. It was a good project, and it was great working with Alison Fearns.