Wednesday, 1 July 2009


Radio news
Either next week or the week after, an interview with moi by Allison Fearns for BBC Southern Counties radio will be serialised every day, and also available on their iPlayer thingummy.
Great stuff. How I set about finding my birth family, and what happened when I did…including finding four sisters.
Times and links to be added as and when.

Frank O Connor Shortlist announced. HERE
It includes Elegy for Easterly, by Zimbabwean writer Petina Gappah. I reviewed the collection for HERE and featured it on this blog HERE.
And I stuck my neck out, saying I thought it would win something big… well this is the first step. Fingers crossed.

EVENT. GRANTA. SOUTH BANK. 9th July. email round-robin:
What is the future of our literary culture?
Join us to debate the future of our literary culture at Southbank Centre on Thursday 9th July including a pre-event drinks reception hosted by our new editor John Freeman.

The new Granta editor John Freeman joins novelists A.L. Kennedy and Adam Thirlwell to discuss writing in the digital age and the future of literary magazines in a world moving on from the printed word. Erica Wagner, Literary Editor of the Times, chairs this urgent debate.
For 30 years, Granta has published the best in fiction, reportage and memoir. Two distinguished contributors, A.L. Kennedy, author of Paradise and Day and Adam Thirlwell, author of Politics look back on its legacy and look forward to the next 30 years.
You can book tickets for this event here at just £9 per person (£4.50 for Concessions, limited availability) or call 0871 663 2500.
Pre-event drinks reception
You are welcome to attend our pre-event drinks reception in the Sunley Pavilion, Southbank Centre at 7pm where you can meet our new editor John Freeman and toast the release of our latest issue, 107.
We look forward to seeing you on the evening.

My books…
Would seem to have got irretrievably lost. Neither Ireland nor Ipswich bookshops had been able to get them from the distributors, for over a week. So I rang them. They were very helpful, said it would be best if they spoke to Salt, but confirmed there were several orders backed up.
So I rang Salt, (none too pleased, they are far too busy for this…) who confirmed they have now sent the distributors two lots of books over the last ten days.

That was Monday. This is Wednesday. How many Glass Bubbles are now at the distributors? Answer: None. This from their search facility.

ISBN/EAN 1844717348 9781844717347 Words from a Glass Bubble Gebbie, Vanessa £8.99 Paperback 0


pierre l said...

This morning, Gardners shows 42 copies. lists it as being "in stock" while still showing theglitch about the har-back being available to pre-order. Bookdepository shows "no stock" unfortunately -- hopefully they will update soon.
There are also a couple of new and good reviews on Amazon.

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Pierre, thank you so much for letting me know. And I am delighted about the reviews... some lovely generous readers out there!