Sunday, 26 July 2009

Toby goes bungee jumping for charity

It ain't easy watching your son lifted almost 200 feet into the air in a cage, then watching him jump out attached only to a large rubber band. Hmm.
But he did so to raise money for The Rockinghorse Appeal
He raise just north of £300.00.

(and now, back to my self-imposed exile until next weekend, when weekly posts will resume.)


Alex Keegan said...

Well done him.

When I had my metal knee I was officially banned from snowboarding (but not skiing) and bungee jumping.

Shucks, I said.

Lauri Kubuitsile said...

My gosh- that's a lof of money. Congrats! I couldn't have watched my son do that, no no that brave.

Sophie Playle said...

Awesome :D

Rachel Fenton said...

When I did a bungee jump no one told me I probably shouldn't as I get motion sickness...was very dizzy for 24 hours - but weeeheee, so much fun doing the jump....strange how my feet didn't want to leave the platform though!

I see they gave your son a bottom harness...I was only tethered by my ankles...there's a thought there somewhere, but it's gone...

btw, I love your glass bubble blog :)

Nik Perring said...

Well done him! He is a FAR braver man than me.

Susannah Rickards said...

Well done Toby. Who took the photos? They're fab!