Wednesday, 27 February 2008


I am a lucky writer. I have been interviewed by Kelly Spitzer, for her Writer's Profile project.

Hundreds of questions. She is a superb interviewer, and asks all the right things.

So, any readers wanting to know about

Words From a Glass Bubble,

Salt Publishing,

My time in Alex Keegan's Bootcamp for writers,

How I walked up Snowdon in high heels,

How I found out I had three sisters I knew nothing about,

How I love flash writing

My teaching at schools and with adults of all shapes and sizes

The novel in progress

A new competition success

The magic retreat I go to in Ireland

my ezine, Tom's Voice,

and loads more...



Shameless said...

Very interesting read, Vanessa. You made a lot of good points. Your determination and no-nonsense attitude also stands out! :-) Well done.

Vanessa G said...

Hi Shameless

Hope the flu's getting better!

Thanks for the read.

Sarah Hilary said...

I really enjoyed reading that. I spent all my childhood summers in North Wales, where my mother went to school and grew up after the war. The list of "things we have to talk about" is getting longer! Mervyn Peake's on there, too.

Vanessa G said...

Fabulous! I have a feeling I'm going to miss the turning to Bantry - we'll be nattering so much.

Gormenghast Trilogy?

A good friend has several paintings by Peake, including one of blue circus horses.

I don't covet much, but I covet that painting!

Sarah Hilary said...

It definitely started with the Gormenghast triology, but I think I ended up reading everything he ever wrote, oh and his wife Maeve's wonderfully unsentimental but touching memoir, A World Away.