Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Launch Party, Eating, Eating, Eating, and a drinkette.

It’s all that Tania Harshman’s fault. She’s over for a few weeks, visiting family, friends, doing readings, and coming to the greatest party this side of Christmas.

We went up to London yesterday, and the day went like this:

Lunch: Chez Gerard, at the Grosvenor Hotel, near Victoria Station. Hamburgers and…chips.

Visit to The Foundling Museum, not open on Mondays, to finalise arrangements for my launch party. First time T has visited. We had a private tour and talk, taking in the best bits… and discussed all the schedules, guest list (now pushing 110), drinks, books, etc etc.

Tea: Goring Hotel. The best tea in London. Warm scones, strawberry jam and clotted cream. There’s a sheep in front of the fire…

Supper: Ebury Street Wine Bar, where we met a friend, Bilal Ghafoor. (for Mimi et al… he was a reader at Willesden…) Champagne, spinach and ricotta spring roll, calves liver, bottle of San Miguel, peppermint tea.

Nightcap. We all repaired to Molly O’Grady’s at Victoria Station for a farewell bottle of Becks.

That’s the sort of day all writers should have now and again.


TitaniaWrites said...

Lovely day, V! Very inspiring and stimulating...and filling! I would just like to point out, before anyone says, Hey, hang on a minute... that I had a veggie burger and did not partake of the calves' liver :)

Roll on Greatest Party Ever!


Shameless said...

Now, that's what I call the perfect way to boost the rockets! :-) I'm down with the flu at the moment ... but that kind of day you described is scheduled in for next week! :-)

Vanessa G said...

Hi Shameless.. sorry you have the flu. Can I suggest hot water, whisky, lemon juice and honey, you'll sleep like a child and wake up all better.