Thursday, 7 August 2008


Fellow Salt writer Elizabeth Baines, whose collection Balancing on the Edge of the World is lovely... has come third in the Raymond Carver Short Story Competition.

Fabulous news. Congrats, to Fictionbitch!


Charles Lambert said...

She deserves it, and I'm delighted! But where did you get this news from, Vanessa? And who won? I can't find a whisper of it on the net...

Elizabeth Baines said...

Thank you, Vanessa!

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Hi Charles,

I am on an email list from carvezine, for some reason... from years ago. I get all their news!

here is the list:

First prize - $1,000
Marc Niesen, Pittsburgh, PA - "The Last Hours of Pompeii"

Second prize - $750
L. Annette Binder, Los Angeles, CA - "Mourning the Departed"

Third prize - $500
Elizabeth Baines, Didsbury, Manchester, UK - "Used to Be"

Two Editor's Choice prizes - $250 each
Sung J. Woo, Washington, NJ - "Limits"
Julie Eill, Alexandria, VA - "Cooling"


These stories were on the Editor's "short list" for the Editor's Choice Awards:

Margaret Rodenberg - "Mrs. Morrisette"

Michael Schiavone - "No One Comes Up Here By Accident" & "For Those Who Have Also Dared"

Paul Vidich - "Home Theater"

Amelia Beamer - "The Cat, Kicking"

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Hi Elizabeth... it was just lovely to read my emails and get the news, and many congrats again!! V