Tuesday, 19 August 2008


More timewasting which ends up not being timewasting at all...

The question of train journeys, and writing. Or writing in cafes. (Maggie Gee writes in a cafe. So did J K Rowling and they aren't the only ones -)

I found THIS LINK to an article on noise by the author of a book thereon.

Among the snippets, the fact that noise can be brown and pink as well as white.

And that Asimov used to set up his typewriter in a shop to write, surrounded by noise.

I think he may be off-beam though. It's not just the actual sound - its the place as well. It's sounds and events that are meaningless and cancel out the noise in your head, so you can just create.

Train journeys, cafes, all the same thing.

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ros said...

When I was growing up we had no heating in our bedrooms. I had to do my homework etc. in the only warm room in the house, which was shared with five other people who were watching TV/listening to the radio/playing games/talking/shouting, or whatever. Four decades later I still can't write or read without similar background noise. I definitely can't write or read anywhere, though - it has to be in the house.