Tuesday, 19 August 2008


At least we hope normal service will be resumed. One never knows...but I'm aiming at 29th.

We are off to Cornwall for a week with six lovely guys and girls who will get their GCSE results on Thursday. Converted barn, rain forecast, kids coming down on Thursday by train... omigad.

We are staying close to this beach, where most of the time the kids will be surfing, building bonfires at night on the sand, baking spuds, partying, and drinking far too much beer.

Mind you, I might join them

And tis funny to think that the same headland features in this piccie of a little apprentice Queen Canute, aged two. 1954. Moi.


(PS. I leave with the novel at 55,650 wds)


Tania Hershman said...

What a wonderful photo! Have a fantastic week, I love Cornwall. You are brave to go with 6 surfer party dudes. And congrats on the 55650!

Sarah Hilary said...

I love that photo of you - it says everything I remember feeling about the sea at that age and everything I saw my daughter feeling, aged 2 years, seeing the ocean for the first time. Congratulations on the novel word count - terrific! Have a great great time.