Monday, 11 August 2008

You couldn't make it up!

93 year old lady has her first novel published to a thundering advance from the publisher. It sells so well she is able to sell her flat and buy a five bedroom house, and invite friends to leave old folk's homes to come and join her. (or apply for a room... she will vet the applications)

Stranger and stranger, this one.

The book was self-published by a vanity publisher Author House on 12 July, (name of publisher from Daily Telegraph. Date of publication from Amazon, who arent stocking the book but can get it.)

This publisher doesn't pay advances. Or royalties. Huh???

The news hits all the papers, the BBC the e-news distributors... with the plea... buy my book. Help old people to live in my house!!!


Summat not quite right here.

But what a publicity stunt. According to Amazon, the book's shot up in the ratings today, from 24 000 when I first read the story, to 900 ish at last view. Amazing!!!

See Tania Hershman's Blog for details , and link to original article at telegraph.

Mad mad mad world.

Update: Apparently, the lady was on Radio 4 yesterday afternoon. Bewildered at all the fuss. She is now not exactly getting her friends out of care homes....

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