Thursday, 11 June 2009

“Books like this go on for ever” – Salt Publishing

You may think that the above quote refers to novels that take an aeon to get to the point, if they ever do. But no. It was said to meself, just now, about my little book Words from a Glass Bubble…by Chris Hamilton-Emery of Salt Publishing. I rang to ask very tentatively about plans for the paperback issue. As the world knows, Salt Publishing have had a hugely dramatic time over the last few weeks, and the last thing I expected was that they would be carrying on with some ‘business as usual’.
I was delighted and not a little moved to be told that my book has sold very well for Salt in hardback. ‘Your book has done excellently’, Chris said!
The first run of the paperback version is finished and done by the printers… and will be available in the next day or so. They’ve had a chance to incorporate some lovely review quotes into the paperback cover.
And then he said that lovely phrase: ‘Books like this go on for ever’.!!!
I can’t tell you how lovely that is to hear. It means a lot to know that the book has done well for Salt as well as anything else.


Salt’s Just One Book campaign has hotted up while I have been away: one of my bestest fave actors and general good eggs of this world has backed the campaign as follows:
Griff Rhys Jones says:
“Support the good work here. Don’t let Salt fall. If the recession is going to take things down, let it be motor manufacturers, let it be bad banks, let it be chains of fast food restaurants. We can lose a few of them, but we don't have enough small independent and daring publishers like Salt. I think I can be a little more forthright than Chris and say ‘Just six books’. Buy dozens why don’t you? It’s a great list. And apparently you will help the economy in many subtle ways too complicated for studious folk like us.”

Chris Hamilton Emery has also put out the following message:

We’ve been busy campaigning over the last two weeks to save Salt. The business has faced some serious financial difficulties as the recession hit us hard. I’m pleased to say we’ve stabilised the business, but we still need to build our cash reserves to secure our future. We’d like to thank all our customers for supporting us; but more than that, we thought we’d offer everyone a summer treat:—


We’re now giving you a huge 33% off ALL books till the end of June. Use the coupon code G3SRT453 when in the checkout to benefit. Don't forget if you spend £30 or $30 you get free shipping too.
Please continue to spread the word, and spread news of this offer. Please don't let up. It's been extraordinary, but we're not out of danger yet. Every penny goes into developing Salt's books and services. We want to start a new children's list, and offer more resources to teachers and schools. We want to extend our publishing in new areas including our translations programme, we want to offer you more free magazines online. We want to help develop more support for debuts with the enhancement of our Crashaw and Scott prizes. We're planning audio books, ebooks and new videos for you. We only want to move forward, to develop and expand what we do and deliver great books in new ways to you and yours.

We need your support throughout June. We'll try and organise more readings and promotions with our authors. Virtual book tours. More launches. We'll work with bookstores to bring you short story and poety evenings. Stick with us throughout June and we can do something astonishing. That's the power of Just One Book — we want you to be a part of it. Follow us on Twitter look for #SaltBooks and #JustOneBook. Join our Facebook Group.

And have a giggle at the vid, too.

Oh, and one last special offer — Catherine Eisner’s magnificent crime novel, Sister Morphine for £7.50 plus P&P, simply enter coupon code EISNER in the UK checkout

Watch out for more special offers throughout June.

Heeeeeee! What with the new lower price of Words from a Glass Bubble, and now a third off...

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