Sunday, 14 June 2009

A Little Hush, a little work, a little change of scene.

Things will be quiet as of now. I will be posting one blog post a week, with the salient points of life that week, from the writing perspective.

What, no Twittering, no Facebooking, no nothing? But this lot are indispensable... so brilliant for networking and selling things. Oh yes, they may be.

But you have to have something to sell, and they get in the way of doing just that, creating.

The very thought of rejoining Facebook makes me feel ill. All those ridiculous games and treats and pressies. And 'friends' you are not friends with, and the unsubtle psychological pressure to be popular or suffer the consequences and die?

And Twitter. I don't DARE even think about it. The wasted TIME just tweeting, in the mistaken belief that really, what you are saying is IMPORTANT? To whom? And how much better could that time be spent?

Oh sure, viral marketing is a wonderful invention. But the network explosion, for me anyway, needs controlling, and I know if I started, I wouldn't be able to stop tweeting on the pretext that I am helping some writer out there do something!

So I am helping myself, from now on. What am I doing? I am writing, actually. I now turn into a focussed writer, at my desk from 8 am each morning.

No more mentoring, no more working online. I have left two online groups today, including one I love dearly. I do not want to work anywhere where the internet encroaches, because it is NOISY!!! I have a retreat booked in Wales... and will not even be taking my laptop. It will have to be back to quill pen.

I will be looking for a nice place on an island with no wires at all. If you know of one, drop me a line. I will check emails each evening, once, at 6.00 pm.

There are plenty of good books recommended a few posts down. Enjoy.

(Hush pic from HERE)


Ossian said...

good on yer. wish i could do likewise - i always try to. the something is willing but the something else is weak.

martin said...

V - looking forward to hearing the scratch of your quill tip on parchment in a few weeks!

Until then, enjoy the much deserved you-time.


Sophie Playle said...

Alas, you have the strength to do what I cannot! I tried going cold-turkey with the internet. I lasted four days...

Alex Keegan said...


Capel Bethel/Capel Cader Idris has FOUR computers, telephone broadband.

I suggest you take your laptop and I don't tell you the password for joining the wireless network.

That way you can get work done, sans plume... unless you're distracted by the billiards?



Good on you, girl. I'v retreated for other reasons - baby demands. I admire your commitment to yourself & your writing. V important. N x

Lauri Kubuitsile said...

Vanessa how true- most of these things are time wasters. Good luck with your new direstion.

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Hi Os, its been an interesting week. Lots done, will post tomorrow, lots of news, good and bad.

Hi Martin, Im buying up a mass of old wallpaper lining paper. And a marker pen. The paper will be unrolled all over the chapel, stuck to the walls, tables, sofas, beds. A running saga... and when we have brekkie, the paper will become a cereal story. Boom boom.

Sophie, its been more luke warm, I think... !

Alex - billiards will be banned. And telly, and dvds and matches, and music, and anything that is generally noisy and fun.

WRW... now babies are a g reat excuse! enjoy.
Lauri - thanks. Appreciated.