Thursday, 11 June 2009

SAN FRANCISCO Pics Mark III My birthday

Well. I spent my birthday with my sister Susie.
I will say that again, because it feels nice to say it.
I spent my birthday with my sister Susie.
For those who don't know, we met only a few months ago. (Search on this blog under 'five sisters' - save me the trouble of explaining?)

Susie is a great supporter of The San Francisco Giants, so off we went to the ball game, which just happened to be a well matched tussle against The St Louis Cardinals. Susie has had a rough time very recently. And it was lovely to hear her yelling 'Come on ma BOYS!' despite herself. Here are Susie's BOYS waiting for the game to start. It seems that a lot of the time at baseball games is spent EATING. Wowee. We had wonderful seats, in the Club section (??) and had frequebt visits from sellers of candy floss, churros, as well as hot dogs and all sorts of other goodies. (Burp.)

The atmosphere was terrific. It was a 'Little League' day so there was hundreds of kids around, a school choir kicked off the game by singing the National Anthem, kids were invited to be commentators, there were kids running round the bases at the end for fun.

A good day.


Swerdnic said...

Sounds like you had a fab day V! Happy Birthday! Take care, Lx

annie clarkson said...

Hi Vanessa, I've just been catching up with your five sisters blogs, and have been so moved by what you've written, how you've slowly been meeting your sisters, after such a long time. What a beautiful thing to happen,

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Thanks L, Vxx (Did you get top marks? Happy writing, whatever.)

Hi Annie

Who needs fiction? Tis extraordinary. And lovely. It gets heavy now and again, but we are all strong enough to carry that.