Thursday, 11 June 2009


The city of San Francisco is wonderful. Exciting - I kept expecting The Big One at any moment. ( That means an earthquake, for those of dirtier minds (!) Everywhere you look there are images I wanted to remember. Like this lady sitting outide a bakery - I visited City Lights Bookshop, and was thrilled to see Nick Hogg's 'Show me The Sky' in its new paperback self, on the new issues shelf. They had a couple of Salt Publishing books, and of course, I chatted about my book after buying a few tomes. They asked to keep a copy of Words from a Glass Bubble - and wanted to talk to Salt Publishing! This is the configuration of alleys and signs outside the shop.
Market Street, dusk. The colour and the buzz.
There was something about this man looking lost outside a closed shop at dusk. All was noise and light, and he was out of it, somehow.
And there was this bridge I found. Lovely! And a ship came along just at the right time.

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