Thursday, 29 October 2009

Chance to critique a classic - 'The Ledge' by Lawrence Sargeant Hall

It's like having a mental work-out, critiquing a piece of work by a master. And given that we learn best and fastest by critiquing, NOT by having our own work commented on by others , a chance to join in a crit exercise like this is invaluable.
SO- get thee over to the public sections of Alex Keegan's Boot Camp. There, you will find a thread dedicated to the critique of one of my favourite short stories, The Ledge, By LSH (as above)
I spent an hour or so doing my critique of it, and rather as when one writes, different things rise to the surface. You 'notice' things, find things anew each time, with this one.
Whatever- whether you post or not - copy the story and READ. Take it to bits in the privacy of your own home... It is fabulous. (Actually, the text here has a few glitches, it was copied from the web somewhere... but it is still very very good!)

Public area of Boot Camp HERE

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Anonymous said...

This sounds like a compelling, stimulating - and useful - exercise. I agree that reading critically can be more valuable than having your own work criticised (cf Nuala's experience with the editor who disliked N's imagery; N knew it was ... right. And N is right!).
Will have to do when time permits. Thank you, Vanessa!