Friday, 6 November 2009

GOOD FOR THE SOUL…apparently.

I am becoming quite an establishment figure –compiler of a text book endorsed by the Bridport prize, Asham, Fish, academics and writers… invitation to be a Welsh Academician (how do you spell that?), and an invitation to address the postgrad community at Sussex University, at the Department of Critical and Creative Writing. Previous speakers include Will Eaves, Arts Ed of The Times Lit Supp, Jane Rusbridge the novelist.
Now this is terrific stuff, I am hugely grateful and shall enjoy the challenges and opportunities thrown up by everything – (as is necessary in this writing life)
And just in case I begin to take myself seriously, my husband looks over his newspaper and says, “So how much real money have you got so far, for all this, then?”
Of course, the answer is, “….er. Coffee, darling?”
And THAT is good for the soul.


lyuba said...

Congrats on all your achievements. I remember you as "Cassius Cat" on Get Writing and as someone still trying to get my feet on the writing ladder, I find your example very inspiring.

Elizabeth Madden.

Vanessa Gebbie said...

hi lyuba, thanks for dropping by. Golly, Get Writing seems a long time ago - maybe I ought to resurrect 'Cassius Cat' the feisty fighting feline! But I vastly prefer just being me.
Lots of good luck with your own writing journey.

Anonymous said...

Money, schmoney. You mean we're supposed to get paid for all this hard work? It isn't just for the fun... and the glory of it all? Hoping to pick up a copy of your book at NAWE - see you there!

Anonymous said...

Give my love to Sussex University - haven't been back for ... a few decades! Hope you have a wonderful time; am sure your audience will. Drink in the glory: as long as you've a home, family & enough to live on, nothing else matters (believe me - I've none of those things!).

womagwriter said...

I remember Cassius Cat too, not to mention Sussex University. Your hubby sounds like a good man.

Congrats and best of luck.

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Aye, good old Sussex by the sea... what were your respective names on GW??

Anonymous said...

Not a participant on 'Get Writing' - did first degree @ Sussex University.