Saturday, 7 November 2009


Do you know who this is??
if you do, get on over to Salt publishing, answer two more questions, and you could win a copy of Short Circuit, 'the definitive guide to writing the short story', as said by Carole Buchan of The Asham Trust, the trust behind The Asham Award for New Women Writers.

HERE is the link to Salt's competition.


lyuba said...

AAAARGH, Vanessa, I know who it is, but I've just paid for a the Writers Pack on the Salt website.
If I win, can I have chocolate instead? LOL!

p.s. I was "Lyuba Ranevskysa" on GW etc. Ironic, no?

Anonymous said...

Broke, etc., so have to try this! Thanks for the opportunity.

Sarah Hilary said...

Done! Thanks, V, and congrats on the book.

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Good luck all!

Julia Bohanna said...

That was so Eeeeeeeeeeeeasy.
(Blows imaginary gun residue from imaginary gun)
I love that man...whoever he is....

I already will have three Short Circuits....ha I am just greedy!