Sunday, 8 November 2009

Short Circuit prices short circuit on Amazon

Short Circuit is doing incredibly well. So much so that there is already (apparently -) a second hand copy with shelf wear on sale on Amazon in the USA (No one's actually had theirs yet!! They only got back from the printers on Friday).
But this takes the ticket... are pbshopus hoping that someone will press the wrong button when they buy???

At pbshopus Short Circuit is selling at:$1,165.53
+ $3.99shipping

You'll be pleased to hear that they have it in stock when no one else on the planet has...: Shipping: In Stock. Ships from NJ, United States. International shipping available. See Shipping Rates. See return policy.
Comments: New book. Shipped within the US in 10-14 days.


pierre l said...

My pre-ordered copy arrived from Salt on Saturday morning. So they weren't just doing strange videos on Friday. The book looks lovely.

Vanessa Gebbie said...

I'm so glad, Pierre. Thank you for buying, and I hope you find it inspirational.

Sophie Playle said...

I bought that copy! I assumed it was made of solid diamond and possessed magical powers. Otherwise I wouldn't have spent that much. The postage was very reasonable, though.

pierre l said...

@Sophie Playle. I am not sure that the book has magic powers for ordinary readers, but did you see what effect it had on the Publishers?