Thursday, 31 January 2008

Quiet Weep....

Dear old Mimi, she's going to be chortling over this one.

It is looking less and less like the cover Salt spent so much time on will actually BE the cover.

The agency can't track down the photographer, but a person there who knows him well says he is unlikely to approve it because of the colourwash and text over the image.

It's one of his favourites.

I understand that. I wouldn't want someone editing my work without my permission, and I wouldn't want them to turn a piece into something other then itself, if itself was already as I loved it. (grammar, woman!)

So. Yes, I just went and cried.

And yes, it's awful, as all the promotion's been done with that cover, and it has built up recognition already. And yes, it won't be the same without it.

But hey.

Worse things have happened.

and I'm handwriting invites to the launch today... so lets hope the Foundling Museum doesn't fall down.



Shameless said...

Oh, what a shame! I loved that photo. Surely the photographer would like the publicity? I would keep trying. Get him/her to read the work before they decline. :-)

Vanessa G said...

Hi Shameless

Thanks for the message. I dont think its possible, now. In fact I know it isnt! So... on to the next design, whihc if I know Chris from Salt, will be great.

Nik's Blog said...

Never simple, is it!

And I'm sure the next design will be splendid.


Vanessa G said...

Thank you Nik!

of course it will. And you never know, I might prefer it.


Ossian said...

I quite liked the picture you had when said, "Now this is not the picture" but...It may have been literal (knowing the title story) but it was really very apt and could be great, I think, given the right treatment, which I would have my own thoughts on - oh, ok, I would have a sort of hazy nimbus somehow (that's the entirety of my thoughts on it). I have it on excellent authority from Mrs Willesden-Herald that these things always turn out to be for the best.

Vanessa G said...

I know Mrs Willesden-Herald is right. Thanks Os.

Got any good second-hand covers knocking about in Willesden Towers? Hazy nimbuses (nimbi??) considered along with all comers.