Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Self Publishing success story

Wow. I have just read about a writer who has signed a $2,000,000 book deal after she and her husband formed a company to market her self published book.

Mind you, I guess this isn't your average self-publication. Does make you think though, that a writer who can write something like this decides deliberately to bypass the mainstream...


Eragon is another example of a self publishing success. It can be done...


Nik's Blog said...


Vanessa G said...

I couldn't put it better myself!

Shameless said...

I would say that's inspiring and proof that there is hope for all of us, but I'm not sure that kind of luck is so spreadable. I wonder if that agent would have loved the book if she'd been the first to see it, before the buzz generated by the author and the self-publication. Maybe the whole self-publishing thing could've been short-circuited? And 2 million dollars? Cripes!

TitaniaWrites said...

Wow, this is quite something. But with a name like Brunonia Barry, this author was off to a good start. I wish they'd tell us how the "buzz" was created around her book... that's the magic ingredient. 2 million... I'm weeping into my bran flakes.


Vanessa G said...

Shameless... its saying something about all the impossibilities surrounding the snowstorm of submissions agents are heaped with. How can they possibly give them all due attention? They can't, can they? ('my' perception... if there's anyone who knows differently, please shout!)

But it is wonderful that a strong piece of work, one which this writer had slaved over for years, finally makes it.

Im sure so many submissions sent to agents are novels that have been chucked out in initiatives such as Nanowrimo... given a quick tidy then sent.

Maybe that works for some writers... some works... and they will end up fresh, sparkling, perfect. But I suspect that the majority won't.

It has to dull the brain, doesn't it, in the end?

Yes, $2 mill. Maybe a nice begging letter??

Kidding. She's earned it in spades. All luck to her and the books.

Vanessa G said...

Hi T

Theres a hint in the article... her husband had a marketing background, quite seriously. And they invested heavily in it. $50,000 from memory. He even gave up his job to work on publicity. Talk about having faith!!