Thursday, 24 January 2008


I do lots of teaching/facilitating, and the best work I do in terms of how it makes me feel, is with people who have real ‘stuff’ to write about. I’ve tutored groups of many writers who have struggles that get in the way of life. In general they understand quickly about raw, honest writing.

Last year I co-tutored a course entitled Writing For A Living, aimed at ‘marginalised writers’, whatever that is.(an excellent New Writing South initiative). We focussed not only on fiction, but journalism in its various forms. (and had a visit from Alexander Masters, author of Stuart, A Life Backwards… extraordinary stuff.)

Its great to see the ripple effect of that course for a few writers.

I heard recently from one student who has had a few pieces published in ‘Rocks’, a Brighton based newspaper. And she will be writing regularly for them.


And also, an excellent magazine has accepted a piece of work by Chris Ellis, who has a piece up in the current issue of Tom’s Voice Magazine.

LINK HERE to Chris’s bio and a piece of his early writing in Tom’s Voice Magazine

Even better, he is being paid, $75 for 750 words. Can’t be bad! I’ll link to his work when it goes up in March alongside some astounding names.


Congrats Chris and Jo.

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