Monday, 18 May 2009

Coolio. I have been awarded a thingummy by two nice peeps...PEEP ONE HERE and PEEP TWO HERE. Thank you!!!

It comes with conditions...
You have to link to those who nominated you. You have to list seven things you love. And pass it on to seven blogs you love. Well, see, that’s using the word ‘love’ wrongly. I like and enjoy blogs, but I don’t ‘love’ them, I’m afraid!!

Hmm. Things I love.

1) All my family.
2) The scent of the air after rain. Go outside as the rain stops. Shut your eyes and breathe in slowly… nothing like it.
3) The sensation of being suspended in water. (I enjoy swimming, but it is the feeling of water round me that I love. Iris Murdoch loved it too. Maybe I’m going the same way as Iris…)
4) Meeting new thoughts, ideas, being challenged. Learning something new.
5) My means of writing whether paper and pencil, pens, computer and keyboard. I do not love my computer otherwise.
6) Solitude. I enjoy my own company, time to reflect, think, not think. Just ‘be’. I love going to Anam Cara Writers’ and Artist’s Retreat, seeking just that. The joy is that you can also dip your toes into good company and withdraw when it suits.
7) Reading a short story that is so good, so resonant, that I disappear totally into the fictive world for the duration of the story, am carried along in the current then thrown back into my world, gasping. No novel can do this. There’s a challenge… if you know better…

And I have to send the award to others.

But the blogs I enjoy have probably already got the award… hey. I don’t care! I award this to you lot for the enjoyment you give me, for educating me, for making me smile, for your honesty and for putting life into perspective.

Willesden Herald
Sara Crowley
Sarah Salway
Tania Hershman
Literary Rejections on Display
Nik Perring


Tania Hershman said...

Thanks, V! I've already done it... saw that you'd been nominated by Sarah H so didn't duplicated/triplicate your award. Echoing what you say about Anam Cara, I cannot wait to be there in a month. Wow.

Re: a novel that carries you along, I have to say that Day by AL Kennedy did it for me. But it's completely subjective, isn't it?

Vanessa Gebbie said...

I know youve already done it, T... have another award, with absolutely no strings! 'Day' was good... but I found I lost my immersion towards the end.

have a wonderful time at Anam Cara!!

Nik Perring said...

Yup, what Tania said. Thank you! And what a fab list!

BRILLIANT: your word verification is 'cringish'

Sara said...

Thank you Vanessa!

: )

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Pleasure, my dear!