Wednesday, 27 May 2009


You heard it here... the blog that doesnt know much mostly, but sometimes does.

The Salt Publishing Just One Book Campaign has come to the notice of Newsnight Review. Chris Hamilton Emery will be interviewed on this week's programme. BBC 1 11 pm, Friday 29th May.



Sophie Playle said...

Awesome! Will watch out for it.

Sophie Playle said...

By the way, Vanessa, I've been meaning to buy 'Words from a Glass Bubble' for ages now. If I buy it through amazon does it still count towards the 'Just One Book' campaign or do I have to buy directly through Salt Publishing?

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Hi Sophie.. Great to hear from you. How's it going???
You can buy the book from anywhere you like, and it all counts... Salt have good discounts and dont add postage, I don't think.

On t'other hand, if you want a signed copy (I love doing this, Im a real kid!).. email me. I have a few.

whatever, thanks!!

vgebbie at gmail dot com

norton said...

I couldn't decide which Salt book to buy to support them, and went for yours in the end - well why not?

I read the title story last night and it has been running through my mind all day. Lovely, lovely story. Really good.

At the risk of being a tiny bit provocative, it is the sort of thing (if shortened) Woman's Weekly might buy, being the more literary of the women's mags. No, I'm not teasing. In their fiction specials you do get stories like that - similar theme, characters, gentle humour. If you write those kind of stories and they don't score at the comps, go on, try WW, you've nothing to lose!

Vanessa Gebbie said...

Hello Norton - thanks for dropping by. And for buying the book, and for reading. It is greatly appreciated. As is the suggestion re: submission. I shall bear it in mind.