Tuesday, 19 May 2009

The last few hardbacks...

You can check the availability of books at Gardners the book people HERE. You just put in the ISBN number, and can watch the numbers of your book dwindling, or annoyingly, staying steady. Hmph.

It was always going to be a gamble, deciding to do my collection in hardback. I did so for a few daft reasons, none to do with clear thinking about marketing... more for sentimental reasons.
My late mother was a librarian, she adored her books, and they were all hardback. She saw paperbacks as disposable, and no decent book was ever disposable. But also, I wanted a beautiful object to enjoy. So not clear headed thinking at all!

Not a good idea, really, in hindsight, with credit crunches and recessions to add to people not buying books anyway. But somehow, my collection has managed to stay in the top few of Salt sales on Amazon, and that's lovely.
So it is with mixed feelings that I watch the last few copies of Words from a Glass Bubble in hardback dwindle at Gardners. I have a few here, then that is that.
The paperback edition is on the chocks, and will be exciting to see. It's also been a chance for Salt to put some more review quotes on the cover, and that is great.

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pierre l said...

This is very unfair -- now I'll have to find all my favourite books so I can type their ISBNs in.
Best wishes for your paperback (I already have a couple of copies of the hardback, including a lovely signed one).