Saturday, 16 May 2009


It apprears that Saturday 16 May has been designated Write Your Ass Off Day by the New York Writers' Coalition. So we're joining in. (Thats the Royal We!)
Thank to Emerging Writer for the logo and the info!

Actual stuff on NY Writers' Coalition websiter HERE
but lots of writers are picking this up and dedicating as much as they can of today (or tomorrow, in my case!) to their own writing. Internet off. No blogging. Just sink in....


Douglas Bruton said...

I'm in. No internet connection for me tomorrow... have been sort of practicing today... half an hour max at any one time on the internet today... the rest of the time writing.

Ready for the full withdrawal tomorrow.



Tania Hershman said...

Ach, missed it, why do they do these things on Saturdays? I hope it went well, V. Will be attempting to WMAO tomorrow :)

Emerging Writer said...

Thanks for reading. I didn't WMAO either as my PC broke...aargh...will postpone to suitable other day.

Douglas Bruton said...

I did it... stayed off the net till late at night... wrote nearly 6,000 good words of a project I am embarked upon... neat. May do this more often.