Tuesday, 19 January 2010


First, the most fabulous list of UK lit mags that accept short stories and flash fiction, together with links to their websites, information about print/web, and whether they pay (!) IS HERE on Tania Hershman’s blog. Get thee over there, and find a home for your work, fast. I have to say, I didn’t know we had so many lit mags on this side of the pond. Amazing! Thank you very much to Tania for doing the donkey-work, and for her generosity.

And, for those writers who are seeking a bit of tuition – Boot Camp, run by writer/teacher Alex Keegan, is re-launching. It is not called Boot camp for nothing. Boot Camp is an online writing group where you WILL learn to write well, where you WILL have to work hard, not sit on the sidelines and soak it up courtesy of others, where the leader is a multiple top level prizewinner and a writing teacher.
You WILL also have to pay. You take your choice, really – you can have the same tuition that started me off, taught me how to work. Or you can stay somewhere cosier, where you don’t pay, and are told you are marvellous by those who are not marvellous themselves.
This, from Alex:
Boot Camp is about work-ethic, producing work regularly
and meeting deadlines; critiquing author-anonymous stories with
ruthless honesty to a set scheme (using the Boot Camp Grid),
DISCUSSING critiques and NOT "agreeing to differ".
We discuss craft, have flash/story prompts every day, expect a story
per fortnight (as the absolute minimum).
Members keep a daily log of new words written, cumulative totals etc
and are strongly encouraged to set goals, meet them and exceed them.

RE-LAUNCH OFFER - Sign up in January, paying for February and get your January days free.
Interested writers should contact Alex on either of these addresses:
alex.keegan AT btinternet.com
Snowball136 AT googlemail.com
or on facebook, AlexBootCampKeegan

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