Thursday, 21 January 2010


Let's celebrate Issue no.100 of THE NEW WRITER MAGAZINE!
An amazing achievement, and in the end,it is successful thanks to the quality of their advice, their stories, their poems. It just seems to get on with things, quietly, doing what it says on the tin very well, and has been a great resource for thousands of writers over the years. And, lovely people- this special issue contains a write-up of Short Circuit!
I'm delighted to be judging their current competition - the short story section. I will be getting a large parcel delivered mid-February - with mases of super stories selected for the shortlist by TNY's team of readers. I know it will be a very hard job selecting the winning few, but as usual, I will do my very best.
If you are looking for a magazine to subscribe to, that will give you a whole range of quality articles, recommendations, interviews with successful writers, alongside thought- provoking fiction and poetry, listings of current competitions, and masses of other must-have stuff for writers, HERE IS THEIR WEBSITE - Subscription details are there.
This is from that website:
The New Writer is a forward-looking magazine with a range of contributors, expert in their subjects. Whether you've just started to write or you're a more experienced writer wanting to explore new ideas and techniques, the practical and entertaining contents of the magazine equals essential reading. Can you afford to be without it? The team at The New Writer are committed to working with their readers to increase the chances of publication. That's why masses of useful information and plenty of feedback is provided. More than that, we let you know about the current state of the market and bring you the best contemporary short stories, cutting-edge poems, backed up by searching articles and in-depth features in every issue.

A powerful magazine, in the best way possible.
I was called a frighteningly powerful woman this week, and I hadn't laughed so much for ages. Made me think of an old advert for bath cleaning powder...
Seriously, peeps, no-one is less powerful than me. But I can be frightening - ask my sons...!

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