Saturday, 23 January 2010


Some great guys are pulling an anthology together as fast as they can, 100 Stories for Haiti will be an e-book, and all profits to help the Red Cross in Haiti.

Get your flashes out, dust em off, polish and send, fast.

I am reliably informed that previously published work is fine - so long as you hold the rights.

100 Stories for Haiti
We want short story submissions to help raise money for disaster-stricken Haiti. Out of the submissions, 100 pieces of fiction will be chosen to appear in an e-book, the proceeds of which will go to the Red Cross.
If you want to send a short story, please follow these guidelines:
• Do not exceed 1,000 words.
• No stories containing graphic violence, death or destruction.
• Send all stories in the body text of an email to Stories sent as attachments will not be opened.
Stories must be received by Monday 25 January, 2010.
Nick Harkaway, author of ‘The Gone Away World’, will be editing a story for the book as well as penning the introduction.
The book will be sold on SMASHWORDS, whose founder and CEO Mark Coker will be waiving the normal 15% commission.
100 Stories for Haiti will be published in mid-February, 2010.

More information HERE on I Really Should be Writing...and HERE on the e-book's very own website - fresh off the press. As it were.
Greg McQueen is one of the guys behind this project, backed by Mark Coker, CEO of e-book publisher Smashwords (see above for link).Here's Greg, talking about the project on YouTube

A great initiative, please spread the word, FAST!!


Rachel Fenton said...

No need to apologise, especially not to me - you're doing what you can! Thanks. Meant to say hope you don't mind me linking to you but got distracted by my kids!

Vanessa Gebbie said...

I loved your idea - great one. And of course - I only found out about this anthology yesterday... spread the word!


Teresa Stenson said...

Thanks for this, Vanessa - I subbed something because I saw this post, and my story id being included.

And, looking at the list of contribtors, it's really great to see your name and Tania's - and that I'm sandwiched between you both - just by utter chance because our story titles are by each other in the alphabet. I find that quite weird, but a nice sign.

Hope you're retreating well, looking forward to hearing about your time away.