Friday, 26 February 2010

An Oscar...

I have today been awarded one of the highest accolades a person can be awarded. An Oscar. Or rather an Oscar's Oscar - 'For Metaphoric Mechanics and Literary Lubrication.'

(I'd better explain - Oscar Windsor-Smith who Twitters here was one of the participants at the Get Writing 2010 workshop last Saturday. I think he enjoyed himself!) Thanks Oscar!


Oscar Windsor-Smith said...

Hi, Vanessa. I'm pleased that you're pleased with your Oscar's Oscar (you are one of the first recipients, too). Yes, I did indeed enjoy myself at the VWC Get Writing 2010 Conference, and, (I mean this sincerely) your workshop was a genuine high point for me. All my writing - and a lot of other people's too - will now end up in bits on the garage floor, and be the better for it.

Thanks again.


Vanessa Gebbie said...

Ha! I love my analogy - stripping the car down, cleaning the parts, finding out what is and isn't working. I'm so glad you found it useful - happy writing.

Rachel Fenton said...

Hehe - congratulations!

Oscar Windsor-Smith said...

Hello Vanessa, it's that man again.
I thought I'd post my comment on this part of your blog, cos it's, well, relevant.

First off, I'm just getting into 'Short Circuit' (the book you edited, not terminal electrical decline... I hope) and want to say how pleased I am that I bought from you at the conference. Brilliant. The first couple of chapters alone are exactly what I need, right now. Did I say brilliant? Well, that's what I mean. Just about to start the excellent Whittaker Prize competition for the second year (18 weeks - nine short stories) and that book will be at my elbow throughout (so, when I fail, you're to blame, okay? ;) ).

Secondly, the Oscars 2010 Roll of Honour was announced today, here: please do visit and collect your 'winner' logo (for your screensaver, outside loo wall - whatever).

Kind regards and thanks again


Vanessa Gebbie said...

Hi Oscar, I am so glad you are finding SC good. Exactly right! I loved what the writers had to say too. Good luck with the comp.